Correct definition of a cone - HW8

when discussing a cone of a circuit or a function, do we consider both the control signals and the data signals? or just the data signals?
say, if we had a function or a circuit whose output depended on ALL inputs (both the data and control signals, so a change in a bit in the control signal would change the output), would the bit in the control signal be part of the cone?

  1. For a function, we have the definition of a (functional) cone.
    For a circuit, we have the definition of a graphical cone.
    These are quite different. Make sure you understand the difference.
    (The relation of containment between the two is summarized in a claim.)

  2. The separation between data and control is only in the eye of the beholder.
    Neither a function nor a circuit is aware of such a difference: they are both inputs.

  3. Cones (both functional and graphical) refer to input-output relations.