Dlx file - instruction on where and how to write the code

we didnt get a sample of a dlx file which the given progrem runs, and even on the internet there are’nt guides for where to write one…can you give an exaple file\ more detailed instruction on the program? (on which progrem to write, must writen stuff, and exc…).
for me no matter where i write the program just say “errors in programs”…which doesnt say a lot

  1. The file must be a plaintext file with the extension .s.
  2. The instructions must be written in lowercase, with only the Rs corresponding to the registers in uppercase. For example, add R2 R1 10.
  3. The .s file should not have any comments.
  4. The .s file should have LF or CR LF as the line terminators. If you don’t know what this means and your text editor doesn’t show you anything along these lines, your file most probably already follows this format.
  5. I ran through the entire process of simulating Assembly code in the simulator in one of the tigburim. Please go through it.

Comments using * works if there is no more than one space between the code and the *, no?