Edge case in project 1

I noticed that listing 1 isn’t considering 0 as an input for one of x/y (if both are 0 it is handled)
as it is written in the assignment, reduction will make 1 action before turning done to 1
is that a case we should adress? are we supposed to let reduction act 1 time like it does in the code?
and if i need to adress it, should i do it in reduction or gcd?

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When the signals x_in == 0000, y_in == 0000, and done_in != 0000 are input to an instance of the reduction circuit, it outputs done_out = 1 (line 46).

Therefore, this case when \langle x \rangle = 0 and \langle y \rangle = 0 is already being handled with the first instance of the reduction circuit inside the gcd circuit. Hence, you don’t need handle this case separately; it is sufficient to follow the algorithm given in the gcd(x, y) function.