Exam 2019 Moed A

I started to solve tests to understand where I’m at.
I’ve solved question 2d a little bit different than described in the solved test.
Is my answer correct as well? (I’m asking for your opinion because I didn’t succeed in running it in Logisim).
If there are mistakes I would like for you to tell me how much points I will lose.
Link for the solved test
My answer:

  1. The best way to check your solution is to implement it.
  2. I have no idea what the question is - try to post complete questions.
  3. I have no idea what a TC(n) is (there is such a box in your solution).
  4. Let’s study and not deal with grading policy please.
  1. I wrote I’m asking you because I didn’t succeed in running it in Logisim.
  2. I attaches a link to the full solved test - attaching relevant images as well below.
  3. likewise

Please contact the teaching advisors for help with logisim.

What problem are you facing when simulating it?
I could build it without any errors.

I did not succed with the TC(n)…
do you find my design as one that satisfies the requirments?

Your design does not satisfy the requirements.
First of all, it is stated that all of the output signals should be 0 in the case that X(t)=X(t-1) which clearly isn’t happening in your design.
Secondly, the “not” gate is not needed and actually messes up the functionality.

The solution in the solved test is very similar to yours, and you should be able to understand the mistakes you made in your design based on it.