HW7- Q6- Calculating EXACT cost and delay of an inverter

Hey there,
In HW7, Q6, we need to calculate the EXACT (Not asymptotic) cost and delay of a combinational circuit.
That circuit includes an inverter. Which convention should we work by (The pd is not specified in the question): Inv has a delay and cost of 0, Delay of 1 and cost of 1, delay of 0 and cost of 1?
The possible answers support the following options:
Inv has a cost and delay of 1, or int has 0 cost and delay of 1.

I do understand that in asymptotics this wouldn’t matter, but since the question is looking for the Exact delay and cost, it is important to clarify this issue.

simplest model: every gate with constant fanin (1-3 inputs) has a unit cost and a unit delay

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