Project 1 - DLS Bodek

I sent my file to the DLS bodek and got no errors but 25% correct. How will I know how to improve my circuit? Could you send some errored codes with the correct output so I can see where my problem is?
Thank you

I am also struggling with this, I’m trying to find flaws in my circuit but nothing wrong pops up…

Also, when I tried to send the same file twice, I got different results each time.

Same. Each time I send the Bodek the exact same project, I get different scores.

Is it possible that every time you send the file you get a different result. This is because the validation system looks at a random selection of inputs/outputs every time. So it’s possible that the first random selection was 50% correct, but the next random selection was 20% correct.

With regards to finding mistakes, I recommend the following

  1. Check that your H matrix is consistent with that defined in the PDF.
  2. Select one input vector v. With the correct H matrix, calculate the expected output by hand.
  3. Verify that your circuit’s output and your manual output match.