Project 3 exercise 2

I’m having a problem with the lengths of the header on exercise 2
In the beginning of the exercises it says that we will be using n_pd = 16, Q=3 bit strings, R=5 bit strings.
And on definition 1.4 of pocket dictionaries it is said that the length of the header is fixed to n_pd + Q and later says the the header is initialized as a
0^(2n_pd) string.
this already makes me confused, is the header with our specifications be of length 19 (16+3) or 32 (2*16)?
after all this, the length of the header in exercise 2 is 24 which is neither 19 or 32.
the length of the body though has non of these contradictions.

There indeed was a mistake. The length of the header is n_{\mathrm{pd}} + Q, and hence must be initialised with 0^{n_{\mathrm{pd}} + Q}. This has been now fixed in the PDF.

However, what you say is slightly off. Q is the number of quotients allowed, and therefore is 2^3 = 8, which makes the length of the header 16 + 8 = 24.