Project 4 - 3:2 adder & csa(16)

  1. while implamanting csa(16) do we have to use the implamantation shown in recitation 10 (added below) or can we modify it? (can we insert wires into the mux?)

  2. in the implamantation of 3:2 adder, the carry bit c[n] doesnt have anywhere to go, do we need to leave it unconnected or do we need to connect it somewhere? (is it allowed to leave it unconnected?)

  1. I do not understand the first question.
  2. in the definition of an adder there is an output c[n].
    Please ask one question per post.

thank you for the quick answer but let me try and ask differently.
our goal is to implamant an 3:2 adder which recives 3 input x,y,z[n-1:0]
and the output supposed to be s,c[n:0]. in the circuit tamplet we have both the inputs and the outputs length 16. (16 bits inputs an outputs)
so my question is - should we treat the inputs as though they were 15 bits long (n = 15)? since we were asked that the output will be 16 bits long.

i hope you understand the confusion.

relevant instructions below.