Project 5, Port output

When we input an address to the modem, the port should be dontcare / the last value?

What does input an address mean? This is an input.

Sorry, ROUTER .
when setup is 1 we get with every clock-time the adrees and the the input p (with is the port that maches the adress) and save them, and when the setup is 0 we should check if the adress is saved and if so, the port output at the next time will be the port that we saved for that adress, and if not, we should output 0^2 to the port.

at the pdf file nothing is said about what sould be the port output if the setup is 1 (we only get an adress and a port as an p input and save them when setup is 1, and nothing is said about the output port). so my quistion is if the output port at this this time can be anything (becuse the setup isnt 0 we dont want to “read” the port that we got and it dosent matter) or should it be something else.

the inputs at the pdf are addres, p with is the port that matches the adress and setup, and the output is the port.

I hope that now my quistion is clear, my english isnt prefect.

No need to worry about the unspecified part of a design.