Question 2- Reigster Default value

How can I set a register’s default value to 11? Or must I implement flip flops instead?


Even if the solution is the use Flip-Flops instead of a Register, can you please explain how to set its initial value?
It is possible to simply use the poke tool to temporarily change its value, but this is done as part of a simulation in Logisim, a simulation which is reset when you exit the program - and I believe will also reset when we send the files.
I checked Logisim’s documentation and did not find anything helpful there.

So basically i can write my initial state of the circuit , and on your tests you will change it to the initial state before testing ?

The given information in the moed A and moed B are different.
For the moed B, you need to do the initialisation yourself.

Your solution can have initialisation, as long as it is automatic.
The solution must run without manual intervention, i.e. when I open your file, it should work as expected, with only m(t) and CLK being fed by me.

I shouldn’t need to go in and manually “poke” the registers/FFs to give them values.

I don’t know how to initialize a register so it starts with initial value. can you explain it ?

You can devise a method using FFs, the CLK, and the set/reset inputs of the registers.

we didnt do anything similar in any project.
we always got an initialization and never dealt with that.
so can you explain more in detail the way we should do it ?