Questions about project 4 first part

  1. I don’t understand the table in comparision to the required functionality - 4th item says that “At all time, Dout(t) equals the value of the element at the head of the stack” but in the table i see a delay to the output (if we pushed 1, we’ll see 1 in the output only after 1 timecycle)
  2. Is the table relevant to all the exercises? specipically, exercise 4 contains lag, so there’s more delay to the output in this exercise comparing to exercise 1.
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The actual “pushing” occurs when the clock rises (i.e. goes from 0 to 1). This is the only “delay” you should see.

answer to 2: retiming preserves functionality.
So the whole point in the stack project is to design a stack in hardware such that the longest combinational path is of constant length (regardless of the size of the stack).