Recursion in logisim

after a lot of time trying to understand how recursion works in logisim ive come up with some questions about how to implamante it.
since it seem that if i try to build sub - circuits that call each other and are suppose to return two outputs so that b2g4 calls b2g3 which call to b2g2 and so on, it seems that theres no way to return the outputs of more inner sub - circuits (b2g2,b2g1) to b2g4.
hence my question is - does it considered a recursive implamantion if i build my sub - circuits so they have two outputs and i call all of the sub - circuits from the main circuit b2g4? so like every sub - circuit will return a value that i connect to g and another value which will connect to the following sub circuit? (all of this happen from b2g4)
does it considered recursive?

According to the recursive formulation given in the PDF, G(k,n) depends only on G(k,n - 1).
So you shouldn’t need to use b2g2 and b2g1 in b2g4. Only b2g3 is required.

so to be sure, b2g4 donates one output and from b2g4 i only call b2g3 which donates 3 outputs (the sub - circuit b2g3 donates one output and calls b2g2 which donates 2 outputs and so on…)?

Yes. I recommend you to draw a recurrence tree of the G(n,k) function given in the PDF. That should help you get clarity on this.